You can retrieve various data from Weblate in machine readable format.

RSS feeds

To follow translation progress you can use RSS feeds, detailing all important translation changes.

Project URL Link
FreePBX/announcement RSS
FreePBX/arimanager RSS
FreePBX/asterisk-cli RSS
FreePBX/asteriskinfo RSS
FreePBX/backup RSS
FreePBX/blacklist RSS
FreePBX/bulkhandler RSS
FreePBX/calendar RSS
FreePBX/callback RSS
FreePBX/callforward RSS
FreePBX/callrecording RSS
FreePBX/callwaiting RSS
FreePBX/campon RSS
FreePBX/cdr RSS
FreePBX/cel RSS
FreePBX/certman RSS
FreePBX/cidlookup RSS
FreePBX/conferences RSS
FreePBX/contactmanager RSS
FreePBX/customappsreg RSS
FreePBX/cxpanel RSS
FreePBX/dahdiconfig RSS
FreePBX/dashboard RSS
FreePBX/daynight RSS
FreePBX/dictate RSS
FreePBX/digium_phones RSS
FreePBX/digiumaddoninstaller RSS
FreePBX/directory RSS
FreePBX/disa RSS
FreePBX/donotdisturb RSS
FreePBX/dundicheck RSS
FreePBX/extensionsettings RSS
FreePBX/fax RSS
FreePBX/featurecodeadmin RSS
FreePBX/findmefollow RSS
FreePBX/firewall RSS
FreePBX/framework RSS
FreePBX/fw_langpacks RSS
FreePBX/hotelwakeup RSS
FreePBX/iaxsettings RSS
FreePBX/infoservices RSS
FreePBX/ivr RSS
FreePBX/logfiles RSS
FreePBX/manager RSS
FreePBX/miscapps RSS
FreePBX/miscdests RSS
FreePBX/motif RSS
FreePBX/music RSS
FreePBX/outroutemsg RSS
FreePBX/paging RSS
FreePBX/parking RSS
FreePBX/pbdirectory RSS
FreePBX/phonebook RSS
FreePBX/pinsets RSS
FreePBX/presencestate RSS
FreePBX/printextensions RSS
FreePBX/queueprio RSS
FreePBX/queues RSS
FreePBX/recordings RSS
FreePBX/restart RSS
FreePBX/ringgroups RSS
FreePBX/setcid RSS
FreePBX/sipsettings RSS
FreePBX/soundlang RSS
FreePBX/speeddial RSS
FreePBX/superfecta RSS
FreePBX/timeconditons RSS
FreePBX/tts RSS
FreePBX/ttsengines RSS
FreePBX/ucp RSS
FreePBX/userman RSS
FreePBX/vmblast RSS
FreePBX/voicemail RSS
FreePBX/weakpasswords RSS
FreePBX/webrtc RSS
FreePBX/xmpp RSS

Per language RSS feeds are also available, you can construct them by appending a language code to the above URLs.


Translation statistics for every component in the JSON format allows you to use the data in other websites or tools.

Project URL Link
FreePBX/announcement View
FreePBX/arimanager View
FreePBX/asterisk-cli View
FreePBX/asteriskinfo View
FreePBX/backup View
FreePBX/blacklist View
FreePBX/bulkhandler View
FreePBX/calendar View
FreePBX/callback View
FreePBX/callforward View
FreePBX/callrecording View
FreePBX/callwaiting View
FreePBX/campon View
FreePBX/cdr View
FreePBX/cel View
FreePBX/certman View
FreePBX/cidlookup View
FreePBX/conferences View
FreePBX/contactmanager View
FreePBX/customappsreg View
FreePBX/cxpanel View
FreePBX/dahdiconfig View
FreePBX/dashboard View
FreePBX/daynight View
FreePBX/dictate View
FreePBX/digium_phones View
FreePBX/digiumaddoninstaller View
FreePBX/directory View
FreePBX/disa View
FreePBX/donotdisturb View
FreePBX/dundicheck View
FreePBX/extensionsettings View
FreePBX/fax View
FreePBX/featurecodeadmin View
FreePBX/findmefollow View
FreePBX/firewall View
FreePBX/framework View
FreePBX/fw_langpacks View
FreePBX/hotelwakeup View
FreePBX/iaxsettings View
FreePBX/infoservices View
FreePBX/ivr View
FreePBX/logfiles View
FreePBX/manager View
FreePBX/miscapps View
FreePBX/miscdests View
FreePBX/motif View
FreePBX/music View
FreePBX/outroutemsg View
FreePBX/paging View
FreePBX/parking View
FreePBX/pbdirectory View
FreePBX/phonebook View
FreePBX/pinsets View
FreePBX/presencestate View
FreePBX/printextensions View
FreePBX/queueprio View
FreePBX/queues View
FreePBX/recordings View
FreePBX/restart View
FreePBX/ringgroups View
FreePBX/setcid View
FreePBX/sipsettings View
FreePBX/soundlang View
FreePBX/speeddial View
FreePBX/superfecta View
FreePBX/timeconditons View
FreePBX/tts View
FreePBX/ttsengines View
FreePBX/ucp View
FreePBX/userman View
FreePBX/vmblast View
FreePBX/voicemail View
FreePBX/weakpasswords View
FreePBX/webrtc View
FreePBX/xmpp View

As an example, fetching stats for all translations in one component can be done thusly:

curl \
    -H "Authorization: Token TOKEN" \

Notification hooks

With notification hooks, Weblate will automatically import changes made by your developers, and allows continuous translation.

Project URL Link
FreePBX Hook
FreePBX/announcement Hook
FreePBX/arimanager Hook
FreePBX/asterisk-cli Hook
FreePBX/asteriskinfo Hook
FreePBX/backup Hook
FreePBX/blacklist Hook
FreePBX/bulkhandler Hook
FreePBX/calendar Hook
FreePBX/callback Hook
FreePBX/callforward Hook
FreePBX/callrecording Hook
FreePBX/callwaiting Hook
FreePBX/campon Hook
FreePBX/cdr Hook
FreePBX/cel Hook
FreePBX/certman Hook
FreePBX/cidlookup Hook
FreePBX/conferences Hook
FreePBX/contactmanager Hook
FreePBX/customappsreg Hook
FreePBX/cxpanel Hook
FreePBX/dahdiconfig Hook
FreePBX/dashboard Hook
FreePBX/daynight Hook
FreePBX/dictate Hook
FreePBX/digium_phones Hook
FreePBX/digiumaddoninstaller Hook
FreePBX/directory Hook
FreePBX/disa Hook
FreePBX/donotdisturb Hook
FreePBX/dundicheck Hook
FreePBX/extensionsettings Hook
FreePBX/fax Hook
FreePBX/featurecodeadmin Hook
FreePBX/findmefollow Hook
FreePBX/firewall Hook
FreePBX/framework Hook
FreePBX/fw_langpacks Hook
FreePBX/hotelwakeup Hook
FreePBX/iaxsettings Hook
FreePBX/infoservices Hook
FreePBX/ivr Hook
FreePBX/logfiles Hook
FreePBX/manager Hook
FreePBX/miscapps Hook
FreePBX/miscdests Hook
FreePBX/motif Hook
FreePBX/music Hook
FreePBX/outroutemsg Hook
FreePBX/paging Hook
FreePBX/parking Hook
FreePBX/pbdirectory Hook
FreePBX/phonebook Hook
FreePBX/pinsets Hook
FreePBX/presencestate Hook
FreePBX/printextensions Hook
FreePBX/queueprio Hook
FreePBX/queues Hook
FreePBX/recordings Hook
FreePBX/restart Hook
FreePBX/ringgroups Hook
FreePBX/setcid Hook
FreePBX/sipsettings Hook
FreePBX/soundlang Hook
FreePBX/speeddial Hook
FreePBX/superfecta Hook
FreePBX/timeconditons Hook
FreePBX/tts Hook
FreePBX/ttsengines Hook
FreePBX/ucp Hook
FreePBX/userman Hook
FreePBX/vmblast Hook
FreePBX/voicemail Hook
FreePBX/weakpasswords Hook
FreePBX/webrtc Hook
FreePBX/xmpp Hook

As an example, telling Weblate to pull from a remote repository can be done thusly:

curl \
    -d operation=pull \
    -H "Authorization: Token TOKEN" \

Weblate also supports direct notifications from several code hosting sites:

Hosting site URL Note
GitHub Browse the documentation for detailed instructions
GitLab Browse the documentation for detailed instructions
Bitbucket Browse the documentation for detailed instructions