About Weblate

Weblate is a web based translation tool with tight version control integration. It features simple and clean user interface, propagation of translations across components, quality checks and automatic linking to source files.

If you are looking for support for Weblate or want to file bug reports check its website at weblate.org.

Weblate is free software created by volunteers, but you can still support them financially.


This site is built using following projects:

Weblate 2.4
Python 2.7.6
Django 1.9.2
python-social-auth 0.2.14
Translate Toolkit 1.13.0
Whoosh 2.7.2
Pillow (PIL) 1.1.7
dateutil 2.5.0
lxml 3.3.1
django-crispy-forms 1.6.0
compressor 2.0


Strings to translate 16839
Words to translate 115793
Used languages 29
Registered users 62
Suggestions made 3526
Translations made 66671
Failing checks found 3059
Ignored checks 46